There are millions of kids aged 10-14 (5th-8th grade) who love video games. They spend hours per day immersed in their game play.

We have an enormous opportunity to improve the lives of these kids. With the invention of the AI tutor 2hr Learning, we can create a school that dramatically improves students’ academic outcomes, the development of life skills, interaction with both the physical and online worlds as well as overall happiness.

Esports Academy is a radically new school that can deliver this because it is anchored in using a student’s natural passion to drive their education. We have designed a school that will “level up” these kids and get them ready for high school and life beyond video games. They will become academic stars, learn valuable life and social skills and have the best time of their life while doing it.


Esports Academy is a sister school to Alpha School, founded by MacKenzie Price.


K-8th Grade

1201 Spyglass Drive

Austin, Texas 78746


Alpha High School (9-12th Grade)

201 Colorado Street

Austin, Texas 78701


How Do We Do This?

We harness their primary motivation, video games, to teach them the academic and life skills they need. Instead of spending 6 hours per day in a standard classroom where they are bored or disengaged, they spend 2hrs/day with an AI tutor that dramatically accelerates their learning. This AI tutor has proven results that allows kids to learn 2-5x faster than standard school in only 2hrs/day. In return for spending 2hrs/day with the AI tutor, the student then gets their afternoon to participate in esports/video game practices and tournaments. They will be a member of a team who is striving for a national esports championship. As part of this program, they will learn the life skills of teamwork, leadership, receiving feedback, sticking to it(grit). They will learn how to interact with others and compellingly present their ideas to both peers and adults. Our coaches will help students “find their fire” and discover their interests beyond video games. They will be creators, not just consumers.

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