Kids need two things to learn:

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2hr Learning motivates kids by giving them back 4 hours of the school day to engage in other endeavors, not sit in class listening to lectures.
Coursework at the right level of difficulty
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AI technology pinpoints exactly what level & material, customized for every student. This is not possible with traditional schools.
Standard school vs. 2hr Learning

Imagine a world where your child excels academically in only 2 hours a day and spends the rest of the day immersed in athletics, arts, entrepreneurship, life skills, or whatever fuels their curiosity.

The New Role of Teachers

Teachers have an incredibly hard job, and they are stretched to their limits in a system that is failing. Teachers did not get into teaching to grade quizzes and write lesson plans. They got into it to educate and make a positive impact on students’ lives. With 2hr Learning, teachers are freed up to provide students with motivational and emotional support, maximize their learning potential, and make a transformational impact.

Teachers morph into guides / coaches / motivational & emotional support
Teachers run project based workshops in 4 hours
Teachers became teachers to change kids lives, not grade problem sets or create lesson plans

What if we could enable kids to learn faster in 2 hours instead of wasting 6?

What if we could customize a learning path for every kid?

What if we could turn teachers into motivational coaches instead?

redefining what parents should expect from their child’s private school

What is 2hr learning

Illustration of artificial intelligence tutor

AI Tutor that tailors curriculum for every student

Illustration of smartphone with adaptive learning apps

Set of adaptive learning apps across all core subjects (Math, Science, Reading & Language) that target mastery in 2 hours a day

Illustration of standardized testing

2x/yr standardized testing calibration for every student to guarantee they are learning faster than standard school